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Money Coaching

Would you like to find financial health and freedom? Are you ready to break free of your unconscious barriers to live with more prosperity?

Money Coaching can transform your relationship with money and free you to live your most abundant life.

Career & Leadership Development

Do you feel undervalued or frustrated by the job search?  Are you a conscious and effective leader? Do you want to make a better impact from your seat at the table?

Professional Coaching can help you to succeed.

Enneagram Coaching

Are you interested in personal development? Discover the Enneagram and find radical self awareness and the potential for life-changing transformation.

Every life is a journey.  Let's talk about yours.

Welcome to Your Money Life Coach

Your Money Life Coach provides personalized Coaching and Consulting services for Individuals, Couples, Small Business Owners, and Corporate Teams.  Most sessions are held virtually.  Transformation begins here.

  • Money Coaching
  • Career Counseling
  • Enneagram Coaching
  • Financial Consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Workshops and Trainings
Your Money Life Coach

Do You Want to Have a Healthier Relationship with Money?

Your Money Life Coach

Do you feel insecure or frustrated in regard to money?  Are you conflicted about your needs or worry there will never be enough?  Feel powerless to change, or too embarrassed to talk about it at all?

Everyone carries some form of shame about money.  But, it doesn't need to stay that way.

Money Coaching is the perfect mix of financial therapist, coach, and advisor.  We will dig deep to uncover your hidden beliefs, implement new positive behaviors, and create a sustainable action plan for the future.

You have the ability to develop a healthier financial mindset, which will ultimately lead to a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

Are you ready to transform your relationship with money?

Take the Money Type Quiz Now

You will receive an instant analysis of your Money Archetypes, and can sign up for a free Money Coaching consultation.

Your Money Life Coach


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"More powerful than I could have imagined"

Cindi has an extraordinary ability to create and hold the safe, non-judgmental and gentle space necessary for this life-changing work. The journey she has taken me on, from examining past thoughts and feelings impacting me and standing in my way, to the incredible freedom to now knowingly make choices to manifest and step fully into the financial future of my dreams, has been more powerful than I could have imagined.

Susan Carter, Toronto, Real Estate Business Owner

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"Thank you for helping me get my money ship turned around"

Cindi brings a powerful and uncommon combination of depth of knowledge in the money world and energetic presence. She can see abilities, assets, strengths, and unseen possibilities that the client is unconscious to, and she shines a gentle and loving light, and is always willing to say the hard truth that will serve the client’s greatest growth. THANK YOU for helping me get my money ship turned around.

Megan P., Vermont, Certified Life Coach

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"Can't wait to continue my sessions"

Working with Cindi helped me tremendously in all aspects of finding a new job.  I was able to work with her in finding roles that I felt excited about, discussed interview best practices that allowed me to feel confident and prepared, and finally helped my decision on which role to take!  Cindi helped in providing clarity in a very hectic process and allowed me to make a decision that I am happy and excited about!  I highly recommended her, and can't wait to continue my sessions with her!

Caitlin, Connecticut, Premier Hedge Fund Travel Coordinator

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"Eternally Grateful"

The work that Cindi is doing through her money coaching is shining a light on a challenging and too often unspoken issue that has the potential to have an overwhelming impact on many people’s lives. I am eternally grateful to have shared this experience with such a talented, wise and compassionate woman, I could not recommend Cindi highly enough and am excited about her future potential impact on people who are choosing to step into this deeply empowering process.

Chane S., Ontario, Entrepreneur

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"Deep and incredibly impactful work"

Cindi’s money coaching has brought me to a totally new understanding and place of empowerment and strength in my life. I was afraid to look at my bank accounts, and now I am embracing fully the power I have to use my finances in service of me. I cannot thank Cindi enough for this deep and incredibly impactful work.

Dawn B., Baltimore, Attorney at Law

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