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What is Money Coaching?

Money coaching focuses on positively transforming the role of Money in your life, and it starts from the inside-out.

  • How do you feel about Money?
  • Where did your beliefs come from?
  • How are your beliefs limiting you?
  • What can you do to make positive change?

How Do You Feel About Money?

How you feel about money can have an impact on nearly every aspect of your life.  Your most challenging money archetypes can harm your career and hurt your relationships.  Without permission, they will take the wheel and essentially drive your feelings and actions from the backseat of your car.

Money Coaching Can Help.

The Money Coaching process begins by exploring the emotional and spiritual aspects of your money story.  Only once you unearth the roots of your feelings can you begin to transform your behaviors around money.

Your Money Life Coach

With a new abundant mindset, money can change to become an incredible catalyst and positive force in your life.

Your Money Life Coach
Your Money Life Coach

How Does It Work?

Money Coaching starts at the source.  Like financial therapy, together, we will dive deep into your history.  We will explore your childhood, ancestry, and overall life experience to reveal the true origins of your beliefs and limiting patterns. 

Using experiential tools and exercises, we will reveal your hidden money triggers, and build your complete money archetype profile.  Once you become more aware of your unconscious patterns, we will work to overcome each challenging belief and behavior individually. 

Within just the first few sessions, you will awaken healthier beliefs, establish a more confident foundation, and create customized strategies to achieve lasting change.  You will also have the support you need to help make positive financial decisions in the future.

Money Coaching is the road to Financial Freedom.

What is Your Money Archetype?

Do you have an active Fool or Innocent?  Are you a Warrior or Magician?  Take the Money Type Quiz to find out more, and schedule your free consultation!

Your Money Life Coach

Money Coaching Packages


Invest in your future.  The money process begins with four core sessions.

Money couples coaching


Invest in your relationship.  Couples packages available for six or eight sessions.

money coaching circle group

Money Circles

Learn and grow with others.  Ask about group sessions and workshops.

business entreprenuer money coaching


Invest in your bottom line.  Customized packages for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm just “Not Good” with Money?

Most of the time, our financial ability has very little to do with math or education.  

  • Do you feel uncomfortable when money becomes a topic of conversation?
  • Wish you could hide from the bills that arrive each month?
  • Have disdain or dislike for the wealthy?
  • Resent or feel "less than" your friends and neighbors?
  • Dream of winning the lottery or being rescued?
  • Do you feel there will never be enough?

Most money beliefs and behaviors were wired into your instinctual brain from the time you were young, but these patterns are not set in stone.  You DO have the ability to feel good and to make better decisions, but you likely cannot do it alone.  Money Coaching can help you to tackle each of your most difficult obstacles and create your new relationship with money.

What if I feel “Good Enough” with Money?

There can be a large misconception that only those who are in extreme debt or "bad" with money need help.  This is untrue.  In fact, the more that money impacts your life, the more beneficial the Money Coaching process can be.  Everyone deserves to live a prosperous life, with a healthy money mindset.  

  • Does it feel difficult to charge what you deserve to be paid?  
  • Feel conflicted about money versus spirituality?
  • Are you overly generous with friends and family?
  • Are you in a stable financial position but still feel there will never be enough or fear you may lose it all?  
  • Do you carry guilt about your wealth?  

Even the most highly successful people still carry some form of limiting belief in regard to money.  Money Coaching can help you to overcome your challenging archetypes so they can no longer block your potential or harm your relationships.  And, once you are able to fully embrace the positive flow of abundance into your life, you will also pass that same energy on to the world.  

What if I already have a Financial Advisor, Accountant, Coach or Therapist?

Great!  Money Coaching is meant to enhance, rather than to replace any of your existing services or treatment.  

If you are already working with a Financial Advisor or an Accountant... 

  • Do you listen to their advice, but find yourself unable to adhere to their plans?
  • Find it difficult to pull the trigger on making investments?
  • Do you even look at your statements, or assume they will handle it all? 
  • Worry that you're making decisions that are either too conservative or too risky?

Your advisor may have laid out the best possible plan for you, but your internal (and unconscious) money triggers can still show up and limit you in a variety of ways.  Working with a Money Coach can free you to take better advantage of advisory services and optimize your experience. 

The same is true if you are already working with a Therapist or other type of general Life Coaching professional.  So much of the stress and anxiety in regard to relationships, work or business can have an underlying issue that is related to money, yet it is rarely talked about in the depth it deserves.

The core Money Coaching process is designed to quickly dig deep into this one focused area of your life, and utilizing it in tandem to any other existing service can yield incredible benefits!

What if I'd rather not talk about Money?

Would you still rather change the subject?  You are not alone.  Most people would rather talk about their sex life than money.  And, it makes sense.  Money has been linked to the same area of the brain as basic survival instincts.  This means that when our financial ability feels threatened, it can trigger our fight, flight or freeze responses.

Money Coaching provides a safe place for you to share your fears and feelings, and always be met with empathy and without judgment.  Money may not always be easy to talk about, but it's definitely worth it.  When you are ready to embrace the process, it can be truly life changing.

Start today. Take the Money Archetype Quiz to find out more!

Remember that you came here for a reason. Take the Money Archetype Quiz now and request your free results analysis and consultation. It’s time to begin the journey towards unlocking your own Financial Freedom!

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